Modal Citizen is Josie Nugent's debut solo album of compositions for fiddle and the inimitable Rhodes Mk1 Stage Piano. Her music is of the tradition but not bound by it.

Modal Citizen is available via our online shop. It is also available from Claddagh Records and Custy's.

logo Thanks to the Arts Council NI for supporting the production of Modal Citizen.


Modal Citizen is a sonic journey through the avenues of our traditional music. She has created unusual and effective settings to her music. The tone of her playing is elemental and striking.

Liam Ó Maonlaí (Hothouse Flowers)

On Modal Citizen, she strikes at the elemental heart of the music of East Clare. It’s a belly-deep sigh that seems to be rooted in centuries past, yet somehow manages to inhabit the contemporary world with vim.

Siobhán Long (The Irish Times)

I see music as a language of self-expression; for me this language centres around solfège and modes, something I acquired at a young age from my mother and from Béla Bartók’s music. I have an inherent need to compose, a process which gives me joy as it is a free-flow, open way to be creative and explore new ways to self-express. As a music therapist and composer, sound creation and textures are central to my work as is the use of space and time. I never seek to categorise my compositions, Josie rather I wish concepts or thoughts to take their own emotive journey. To me composition is a shared process and collaborative interaction is central to allowing growth in new exciting ways.

I hope you enjoy the emotive modal pathways created!

Tunes new and old played with taste and imagination by Josie Nugent and friends.

Brian Mullen (BBC Radio Foyle)

I have long been a fan of Josie’s music, first it was her virtuosic and authentic fiddle style that drew me in, but with this new release she shows a flair for composition and new music also. Simultaneously modern and traditional, elegant and innovative, Modal Citizen is a huge success.

Martin Green (Lau)